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Colony Online Roadmap

Below is a rough, timestamped roadmap with our plans following the sellout of our NFT collection, and leading up to the official game launch of Colony Online.

September, 2021


First airdrop for holders
We will airdrop Colonist holders species specific early concept art NFTs for different regions of the game map (one per wallet)
September, 2021


done ✓
release of trait re-rolling
We introduced trait re-rolling, where you will be able to re-roll a singular trait on your Colonist for .0125 ETH with a maximum of 3 re-rolls per Colonist. These re-rolls also save your previous traits in the NFTs metadata, meaning your old items will also be redeemed as in-game items at launch.
Re-rolling was discontinued after Jan 1st 2022. We did this because we needed an exact list of Colonists current traits/properties in order to accurately update the avatars to 3D.
October, 2021


Done ✓
Announce Game Development Partnership
We will announce our partnership with a AAA Game Development Studio to develop Colony Online alongside us. This will also signify the official beginning of full-swing game development.
January, 2022


Community Wallet Accumulation Phase
We will use a community wallet (funded by the initial Colonists mint) to accumulate 50+ Colonists on the floor to be used for future giveaways, partnerships, contests, and more.
March, 2022


coming soon
Update Colonists Images to 3D
The images currently showing up for our NFTs are 2D/Pixelated, and we're going to change that. Colony Online is now being developed in 3D, and we've made the decision to update the NFT avatars to match the 3D art style being used in the game.
July, 2022


coming soon
Compadres Free Mint
"Compadres" are basically pets/companions to Colonists. Over a 7-day timeframe, we will allow Colonist holders to mint a random 1 Compadre for free (per-Colonist, not per-wallet) which will have special utility/function within Colony Online.
August, 2022


coming soon
Legendary Item Drop
Owners of all 5 species (1 of each species) will get airdropped a legendary/ultra-rare cosmetic item NFT, redeemable in Colony Online. If you have multiple stacks of all 5 species, this means you will get multiple legendary items airdropped to your wallet.
September, 2022


coming soon
In-Game Currency/Token Launch
We will have a token/cryptocurrency used within our game's marketplace/economy. This token will be purchasable on select exchanges, our website, or earned through the future P2E mining mechanic in Colony Online. Colonist holders will be able to redeem a free batch of this currency in direct relation to how many Colonists they hold at the time of our token launch.
October, 2022


coming soon
Game Launch (Pre-Alpha)
In October of 2022, we plan to have a playable pre-alpha version of Colony Online launched and live for everyone to play. This version will have most core-features built into the game, meaning a fully-functioning in-game item NFT marketplace, item trading, social features, player/housing customization, free-roam exploration, and more.
December 2022


coming soon
Play-to-Earn Feature Launch (Mining)
This is when things get interesting. Our team is building a next-level play-to-earn gameplay feature (and not sharing specific details because we don't want to be front-run on our awesome ideas!). This feature is a core experience within Colony Online and we intend for it to revolutionize the idea of P2E gaming for years to come once it's launched.

Hint: A mining game where the equipment/gear progression of "Ratchet & Clank", meets the dungeon exploration aspect of "Torchlight", meets the play to earn aspect of "Axie Infinity".
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