Meet the Colonists, a society of toons spawned in a psychedelic research lab located deep in the Hidden Jungle. A specially selected pack of 25,000 of the drippiest Colonists recently left Earth due to a growing conflict with the human race. Their first stop is the Moon.

Colonists were the #1 most transferred NFT on the Ethereum blockchain the week they sold out.

Benefits of Holding a Colonist NFT

We airdropped Colonist holders concept art NFTs for different regions of the Colony Online world (one per wallet).

NFT Avatar Customization

Coming Soon
For a limited time, Colonist holders were able to spend .01 ETH to re-roll a trait on their NFT, with a maximum of 3 re-rolls per NFT.

Access to Future Colony Airdrops

Coming Soon
We kicked off development for our upcoming MMO Colony Online with the help of UK based Game Developers Stainless Games.

Access to Private Discord Chat

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