Blockchain MMO Launching Fall 2022
Colony Online is an upcoming Play-to-Earn Social MMO Game on the Ethereum Blockchain, where all in-game items are NFTs and the in-game economy is fueled by our cryptocurrency.
A Walled-Garden Metaverse

Welcome to Colony Online

The game takes place on an alternate reality Moon Colony, where a society of technologically advanced space animals (named Colonists) have set up massive glass dome cities which are hot destinations for chic materialism, party lifestyle, and moon mining.

Our gameplay and art direction is heavily inspired by the likes of Toontown Online, Club Penguin, Temtem, and Ratchet and Clank. Take a look at our roadmap or blog for development progress.
Explore Core Game Features

Blockchain MMO Game


This world will have its very own cryptocurrency and NFTs to fuel an economy of in-game item ownership and account progression on the blockchain.

Social Metaverse

Colony Online is a Themepark MMO, meaning it's a carefully-designed open-world for you to explore, collect, level-up, and meet new players in.


Players in Colony Online will have access to a play-to-earn "mining" feature, which is planned to release a couple months after the game launch.
Endless Customization

Items as NFTs

Colony Online will be one of the first Blockchain-Based Social MMOs where all of your in-game items are NFTs. This means your in-game clothing, furniture, pets, equipment, and more will be truly owned by you (and infinitely customizable).

No more licensing useless in-game items and skins that disappear as soon as the developers decide to stop hosting the game (yes, this happens), this is true digital ownership baby! Even if we were to ever discontinue development, your in-game items would still be owned by you and transferrable on the Blockchain. 

For more info on why we believe Blockchains are an essential underlying technology for game economies, please read this article published on Cointelegraph: 5 reasons why blockchain-based gaming economies are the future.
Early Sample of Colonist Customization Screen
Get in Early
In August 2021, we dropped a collection of 25,000 programmatically generated NFTs called "Colonists".

These NFTs are redeemable for playable characters and in-game items in our upcoming Play-to-Earn MMO on the Blockchain. You will be able to redeem these NFTs through a "burn" mechanic. The exact metadata/properties associated with the specific Colonists you "burn" will be redeemed in Colony Online as their base avatars and independent NFT items, along with some extra goodies useful in the game.

(The avatar images displayed on these NFTs are currently 2D/pixelated, but will soon be updated to the 3D style we are developing the game in.)
Pixelated Colonist NFTs
Unite With Other Colonists

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